HVAC Commissioning Specialists

Commissioning - Independent Witnessing

Carrington Commissioning Engineering's key activities are :

Commissioning, Surveying and Validation of Ventilation and Water systems.

Additionally we offer Independent Witnessing, and Seasonal Commissioning. 


Commissioning of Air, Water and Specialist Systems

Our commissioning services includes but is not limited to :

Ventilation Commissioning/Balancing

-Primary Ventilation

-Secondary Ventilation

-General Extract Ventilation

-Dirty Extract Ventilation

-CAV & VAV systems

-AHU Validation/Operational reports


-Existing system validation checks

Water Commissioning/Balancing





Kitchen Supply and Extract Systems

Meeting BSRIA standards, our engineers are certified to carry out ventilation validation, commissioning, and pre-commissioning for large commercial kitchens.


Filter Maintenance and Replacement

Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional Service

Industrial HVAC Installation

Industrial HVAC Installation, Cleaning and Leakage Testing

Customised to Your Preferences


Seasonal Commissioning

Our engineers recognise changes in the environment and alter systems to perform correctly throughout the changing seasons.

Pre-Commissioning & Validation

Our engineers carry out checks on existing systems, provide commissionability reports, and can offer design advice to ensure optimum system performance


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